Manchester Prostitute sting

5 prostitutes are nabbed in a police sting in Manchester after advertising their sex services over the internet

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Commuters were shocked this morning when they realised bus fares had jumped up in price AGAIN!


William Green filthy perverted priest is jailed

William Green a filthy perverted schoolteacher and priest has been jailed for abusing boys for 20 years!

he abused vunerable and lonely young boys from the age of 11-15 at the school where he worked and his church,

He has only been sentenced to 6 years in prision,

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Smoking the shisha pipe in a Manchester cafe

Smoking is not permitted in any of our Manchester restaurants and that includes the smoking of the shisha pipe!

As one cafe owner found out the hard way and was fined £600 costs

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Egyptian skulls found in Manchester

Egyptian skulls found in a Manchester garden!

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Alexander Lynch dies in Manchester canal

On friday a male named Alexander Lynch was found in Manchester canal,his death has been reported as suspicious,

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Manchester bids for Glasgow airport

Manchester are putting a bid in for Glasgow airport ,

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