rosie webster sly minx coronation street

Rosie webster is a saucy sly little minx,

When Tony tells her that he is taking Carla to the fashion show and not her she is seething,

He eventually makes it up to her by taking her for a spa day with a slap up meal,

Rosie has other ideas in mind though and hands him a napkin with her room key in

He goes up to find her sat in nothing but her underwear.

He has led Rosie on and taken this a step too far,

Rosie is fuming she tells him everything about the affair with Carla and Liam and shows him video evidence of them kissing,

Rosie also blows her top and tells her dad Kevin that it was her who gave all of his paperwork from  the garage to Tony,

Is it a coincidence that rosie webster seems to fall off the face of the earth for a few days and Liam dies on a night out?

keep watching this space for all of your daily juicy gossip about all of your favourite soaps

you heard it here first!

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